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Texas Curriculum Changes

     For those of you who are unaware, let me run through (briefly) why I am currently heated. The state of Texas has been debating for months on the topic of rewriting the History curriculum for public schools. Their plan will, in essence, water down the issues of  the Civil War as it relates to slavery and social issues, and focus the topic more on "states rights" because, of course, that's why the war was fought. (sarcasm) It will also do the same to topics such as slavery, in general, civil rights, etc.  (If you would like to learn more about this, it's being discussed on most major news networks on television and online.)

     There are also other changes being made or that have been made to core subjects in the curriculum in Texas, but I'm choosing to focus on this one for the simple fact that it's history. You can't rewrite history; it is what it was. The end. You can't spin it another way, or try to change the intentions of people who lived centuries before us. We cannot allow them to teach lies and streched stories to the next generation of students.
     Now, some of you may ask, why am I angry? After all, I don't even live in Texas. Well it's simple. Texas being  one of the largest states, it influences the curriculum of other states in the counrty as well, such as smaller states who cannot afford to write their own curriculum. Texas is one of the biggest buyers of textbooks in the nation, which influences which books get printed in factories for other states to purchase. This could spread this nonsense easily. I say it has to be stopped in its tracks now to avoid hindering the education of future generations throughout the counrty.


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