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H-Bombs and Supermarkets



they say ignorance is bliss
and what keeps our country strong
but that doesn't make it right
if it's always been wrong


standing on the brink of war
we haven't felt better since
because trying to settle the score
isn't helping our defense


it's a bad time to die
but we'll see about tomorrow
and all the beauty of the world
still can't console our sorrow


Congress filled a prescription for war
and subscribed us all to hate
so because of Big Brother's secrets,
it may already be too late


but life goes on as always
in constant reconstruction
and we couldn't pause for a moment
to witness our own destruction


so we'll catch it on the big screen
after it's been revised
cause the government is media
and marketing favors lies


if love is hate and war is peace
then ignorance is strength
we're all buying into sell-outs
and idling at length


until a f-bomb or an h-bomb
is dropped on someone's laws
and they tell us what we need to know
to rally for the cause


they've always hated us
and we've always felt the same
and we were just as well
Until they said we needed change


so we'll fight another battle
for oil or for land
while the thought police convince us
that the pawns should take a stand


we fly and fight for freedom
and come home to our graves
because they labled us "expendable"
and drafted us as slaves


now all the free we'll ever be
is little more than caged
as long as we've got someone there
to help control the rage


with shots and pills and guns and quills
for writing all the rules
and rights only they can take away
except the right to loseour faith and hope and love
for all the sins we got to choose



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Sep. 14th, 2010 06:27 pm (UTC)
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