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     Wow, you really are low. You played us both, two girls who cared way too much for a boy who doesn't give a shit. You only did it to hurt her? You used me? You played me? Damn. And I thought I was good at this game. Well I am. The only difference this time was I really did LOVE you. I wouldn't do this to someone I really cared about. Which brings up the question, did you ever really care about me? Did you ever love me? Were you just lying the whole time? Not that it matters, I suppose. I was right all along. I told you, and you tested me. I KNOW when I'm being lied to, and dishonesty was radiating off you the entire time. I was just trying to pin the what about part. Here, you had me believing that SHE was the one with a problem, that SHE was the one who was lying, that SHE was the one who was wrong. Oh, stupid boy. I hope too much to be in this world. I guess I thought in my heart that people wouldn't lie about LOVE. That people couldn't do this to people who LOVE them. That you were better than this. You made me hate her  to save yourself. Pathetic. You lying son of a bitch. I hope you burn in hell, mother fucker.

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